We’re All a Bit Foreign

The final day of Cheese tackled the key issue of Migrants in the Italian Dairy Industry and provided an opportunity to hear the stories of those who work in the industry. The audience heard how, without the help of those … Continued

The Real Icelandic Skyr

Iceland has the world’s third-highest per-capita consumption of cheese, but most of what is found in the supermarkets is industrial. The same goes for the country’s most typical dairy product, the ancient yogurt-like Skyr. Only three “crazy” producers are resisting … Continued

270,000 Visitors Celebrate Cheese

There’s no question about it: The Cheese formula works! This year’s international celebration of all things dairy was attended by over 270,000 visitors, up 10% from the record edition of 2013, according to local law enforcement estimates. The streets and … Continued

Aging Gracefully

Both cheese and wine have a complex relationship with time. Time changes the product and can make it more intense and more flavorsome. Combining cheese and wine might seem simple, but often it’s not, and when factoring in the right … Continued

Confédération Paysanne and Slow Food: A Joint Declaration

Slow Food invited the French farmers’ association, Confédération Paysanne—small-scale farming advocate—to Cheese, the international biennial event dedicated to milk in all its shapes and forms, which this year was held from September 18–21 in Bra, Italy. During several conferences, Laurent … Continued

Big Milk

Northern France normally brings to mind lush green countryside, enchanting villages, and traditional cider and cheese made in rustic farmhouses. But since 2004 the area has also been home to Mille Vaches, a milk-producing superfarm capable of housing 1,000 cows—quite … Continued

Beyond Manchego

Ahead of every edition of Cheese, Slow Food identifies a host country to be the focus of conferences and workshops. With the spotlight on Spain this year, we’ve been discovering there’s a lot more to Iberian cheese than manchego. On … Continued

Mountain Stories

The depopulation of marginal areas has become a great obstacle to preserving cultures and products. If young generations are to remain in mountainous areas and resist the lure of the big city, they must be encouraged and supported in pursuing … Continued

Cheddar: How to Tell if it’s the Real Thing

It’s not always easy to identify an imposter, but when it comes to cheese it’s important to understand the differences between the artisanally produced and industrially produced versions. We spoke to producers from Montgomery Cheddar, Westcombe Dairy and Moorehayes Farm … Continued

Goodbye to Milk Quotas

On April 1, 2015, the milk quota system in the EU was lifted. Ending a system that had governed the European dairy sector for over 30 years, the move significantly changed the playing field for milk farmers in Europe. First … Continued