Visitors to Cheese will be able to feast on an appetizing selection of some of the best street food Italy has to offer…

You will be spoiled for choice, with stalls filling Piazza XX Settembre (next to the legendary Beer Piazza) and the courtyard of the Scuole Maschili (home to the renowned Pizza Piazza). This year we will be welcoming back some familiar faces to our events, as well as introducing a number of new ones…

Antica Focacceria San Francesco

The first new entry to Cheese 2015 arrives from Palermo, serving up some of the finest Sicilian traditions: panino ca’ meusa (a meat-filled sandwich with a twist), arancini (deep-fried risotto balls), panelle (fritters) and cazzilli (chickpea pancakes and potato croquettes). Guests can also try muffoletta (focaccia from Palermo with mozzarella and ham) and dishes designed specifically for the occasion.

Panzerotti pugliesi

This represents a new adventure for Cheese! These soft dough parcels stuffed with fresh ingredients, served by the Lecce Association, show how three simple ingredients (water, flour and yeast) with the addition of tomato can become a real delicacy.

Fresco Piada

A holiday tradition dating back to the 1970s, when the first piadina (an Italian flatbread) kiosks were opened in the Romagnola Riviera, over time Fresco Piada has become not only a flourishing business, but also a point of reference for lovers of the classic street food from Riccione in Emilia Romagna.

Il Consorzio della Focaccia di Recco

In Bra you’ll find the queen of cheese focaccia, unique in Italy as it’s yeast-free. Focaccia is the undisputed symbol of Ligurian cuisine: dough (crunchy and soft at the same time), fresh cheese, oil and salt; it creates an inescapable dependency!

Le Bombette pugliesi di Slow Food Alberobello

A sell out every year, no Cheese is complete without our friends from Alberobello serving up this classic snack from Puglia. Seasoned pork wrapped around a piece of cheese and grilled – what will the secret ingredient be?

Meataly La Granda

An example of how a quality hamburger should be: a collaboration between Eataly and La Granda, a benchmark for high quality meat in Piedmont and the evolution of the first Slow Food Presidium for Piedmontese cattle.

Migliori Olive all’Ascolana

If you’ve been to Cheese before, you know what we’re talking about! Giant olives stuffed with meat and fried: authentic street food from Marche. Try all the fillings, no regrets.

Zena Zuena

For all lovers of farinata (chickpea flour flatbread), be sure to visit this stand to sample some of the best from Genoa.