This year sees the return of the famous Beer Piazza and a chance to sample different brews from diverse microbreweries…

The piazza will present a rich list of old and new labels on the brewing scene, where there is room for some great classics but also for interesting new offerings to accompany the delicious snacks available in the street food area. Alongside many local beers will be a number from far beyond the borders of Italy…



The Baladin brewery was perhaps one of the first brewpubs (direct production and serving), set up in 1996 in Piozzo (CN) by its master brewer Teo Musso. Today Baladin has become an agricultural brewery and it handles the entire production cycle, beginning with the land and the raw materials.

Baladin is located in Farigliano (CN)


The Borio brothers are an important part of the story of Italian beer. Their way of living and working is unique and doesn’t allow for compromises: no pasteurization, no filtration, environmentally conscious choices, and also anti-economic, such as the example of returnable bottles. The trademarks of their beers are bottom fermentation and balance.

Beba is located in Villar Perosa (Turin)


The driving force behind this brewery is Alessio Gatti, known as Allo, someone who requires little introduction to true connoisseurs. Bruton, Borgo, Toccalmatto, Brew Fist and Bad Attitude: these are just some of the beers in their collection.

Canediguerra is located in Alexandria


Young brewer Marco Marengo opened Citabiunda after he’d gained significant work experience with Baladin in Piozzo and Cairo Montenotte in Scarampola; this is on top of a series of trips to Ireland, Belgium and the Czech Republic to learn more about the art of brewing. Come and enjoy his beer!

Citabiunda is located in Bricco Neive (CN)

Birrificio Civale

The Civale brewery is under the guidance of Vincenzo Civale and Daniele Cosenza. Active for six years, it has successfully established its production with customers all over the country and even abroad.

Birrificio Civale is located in Spinetta Marengo (Al)

Croce di Malto

Dedication and a hint of extravagance are the cornerstones of the work of Alessio Selvaggio and Federico Casari. They use the best malted barley from all over Europe, the most interesting hops from around the world and they even add spices to some beers.

Croce di Malto is located in Trecate (NO)


Discover their range of flavors and you’ll find the true authenticity of life. A raw beer as they say, or in other words, “handmade”, without adulteration, it is Italian in every sip.

Gilac is located in Rivoli (TO)

Birrificio Jeb

Steering Birrificio Jeb is Chiara Baù, brewer and heart and soul of the company. The key to her beer is spring water as well as the vast range of quality ingredients: barley malt; cereals such as oats, wheat and spelt; roasted chestnuts for the Castagna beer (chestnut); the spices used in the Cometa and the Brulé; cardamom and sweet orange zest in the Saison n° 5, to name a few.

Jeb is in located in Trivero (BI)


All top-fermented, Gian Paolo Camurri, known as Gippo, and his partner Louis create beers that are clean and precise, with a moderate alcohol content. Gippo’s idea is clear: to establish their current styles and, one day, carefully tackle different types and new methods of fermentation.

Kamun is located in Predosa (AL)

Birrificio Kauss

Kauss offers three bottom-fermented beers, and two seasonal top-fermented beers. None of the beers is re-fermented and all are loosely based on the main German styles. Their range brings out the best of the raw materials used: Bamberg malt, European hops and seasonal kilometer-zero wheat.

Kauss is located in Piasco (CN)

Birrificio Troll

Daniele Meinero (known as Dano) has reached such a degree of knowledge of the brewing process that he expertly plays with raw materials. He is particularly skilled in his manipulation of hops – preferring European varieties to American – and the use of spices to create perfectly balanced beers. At his side is Alberto Canavese, responsible for the design and development of the beers.

The Troll brewery is located in Vernante (CN)


Il Birrone

Birrone’s recipe is simple: natural flavors and the treatment of water with high-tech tools to make it as pure as that that flows from high altitude springs. The result is 100% natural with no preservatives; a beer that is neither pasteurized nor filtered.

Birrone is located in Isola Vicentina (VI)


Ophelia is still a microbrewery. Its small-scale production has provided an opportunity to refine and experiment with recipes, maintaining flexibility and ingenuity, enabling the introduction of some new seasonal beers.

Ofelia is located in Sovizzo (VI)



Pietro Di Pilato (the brewmaster) and Andrea Maiocchi (head of sales and marketing) create drinkable beers paying attention to international collaborations.

Brewfist is located in Codogno (LO)


The Hibu brewery was born from the common passion of its three members: Gian, Mondo and Lorenz. On the banks of the River Adda, in a green park with the same name, you can find their little brewery, which officially opened in 2007.

Hibu is located in Bernareggio (MB)


Birrificio La Superba

Running this brewery are the Re family and Andrea Mura, a young but experienced brewer. The goal is a balance between respect for international brewing tradition and the use of local products.

Birrificio La Superba is located in Busalla (GE)

Maltus Faber

Massimo Versaci and Fausto Marenco offer a wide range of beers that include a line of Belgian style beers, the Triple Hop, the Blonde Hop and the Sweet Stout.

Maltus Faber is located in Genoa

Emilia Romagna

Birrificio Argo

Among the range of beers currently in production are three products inspired by Anglo-American top fermentation without re-fermentation.

Birrificio Argo is located in Lemignano Collecchio (PR)

Birrificio Retorto

With an eye on foreign beers, these top fermentation beers are produced by siblings Marcello, Monica and David.

Birrificio Retorto is located in Podenzano (PC)

Birrificio Vecchia Orsa

Since 2007, under the wise guidance of the master brewer, many able hands have given life to the Birrificio Vecchia Orsa. The structure of the non-profit social cooperative stems from a very clear choice that reflects care for people and service.

Birrificio Vecchia Orsa is located in San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)


Dueffe – Birrificio del Forte

Initially the starting points were two beer schools of thought: the British and the Belgian. For the last two years though, the brewery has expanded its range of inspirations, opening up to American influences.

Dueffe is located in Pietrasanta (Lu)


Birra del Borgo

This is one of the most famous Italian craft breweries and has been one of the drivers of the unstoppable growth of Italian craft beer over the last decade. Birra del Borgo specializes in the production of non-pasteurized ales, made in a traditional but innovative way. The goal is to create and export Italian-style craft beer based on quality, creativity and innovation, around the world.

Birra del Borgo is located in Borgorose (RI)



In Puglia, a region devoted to wine, on a strip of land that connects Murgia to the sea stands Triggianello, a small village near Conversano, which, since 2007, has been working to produce quality beer. Responsible for this project is brewer Donato Di Palma, with years of practice in home brewing and experience working alongside historical brewers in Italy and Germany.

Birranova is located in Triggianello (BA)

Birrificio Svevo

For 12 years Vito Lisco has been committed to the Italian brewing scene, using careful and precise techniques. The result is a range of interesting and reliable English-style beers that are all top-fermented.

Birrificio Svevo is located in Modugno (BA)

And from abroad…


On the Asiago plateau in the cradle of Cimbrian culture, two young brewers – Manuele Dal Sasso and Stefano Bassan – started to consider a future rooted in local tradition. Thus the idea of Cimbra beer was born. Produced in Hirt, in Carinthia, their beer is created by making a “pilgrimage” from Asiago every twenty days to reach a small family-run brewery that has been active since 1200.

Cimbra is located in Hirt, Carinthia


Kulmbach from Upper Franconia is a must for all connoisseurs. It represents an important legacy that has been maintained since 1846, honoring the experience, skills and professionalism of its brewers.

Kulmbacher is located in Kulmbach, Bavaria


And for fans of Czech beer, a true classic of European brewing tradition: don’t miss Birraceca, an old friend of Slow Food’s and historic importer of Italian craft beers in the Czech Republic.

Birraceca is located in Givoletto (TO)

The Beer Piazza awaits you in Piazza XX Settembre, right in front of the street food stalls!

Opening times:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 11 pm
Monday 11 am – 8 pm