The Biodiversity Piazza brings together and presents mountain products from around the world. You’ll find it at the end of Via Marconi, on the site of Bra’s former poultry market.

In the Biodiversity Piazza you’ll find cheeses, honey, vegetables, legumes, root vegetables, fruit, wild herbs and a whole host of other products grown or harvested on mountainsides all over the world: from the Andes to the Caucasus, via the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Apennines.

A kitchen set up in the piazza gives you the chance to sample gastronomic specialties associated with mountain traditions and prepared by Slow Food network chefs.

The focus on the mountains ties in with the urgent need to protect the extraordinary biodiversity (of ecosystems, plant varieties, animal species, food, culture and knowledge) found in the world’s mountain areas, areas that are often abandoned and overlooked, and thus increasingly vulnerable.

Anyone can actively participate in this area, by bringing a mountain product to show and present. Shedding light on these products means promoting the area they come from, the story of the generations that have kept them alive to this day and the people who steadfastly preserve them. Some of these products may also enter Slow Food’s catalogue of endangered foods, the Ark of Taste.