The Milk Workshop program also includes events in the Biodiversity House which offer visitors a rich program of tastings and meetings dedicated to Slow Food projects.


Every day at 12, swing by for a Mountain Aperitivo where cooks from the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance will present and offer a specialty related to the gastronomy of the mountains, paired with a mountain wine.

At 3 pm, learn more about the importance of biodiversity for our cheeses, from soil to breeds, there’s a lot more than first meets the eye…

And finally, every day at 5 pm, join us for a chance to meet cheesemakers from Brazil and Argentina, discover Slow Food Presidia from around the world and learn more about different networks working to preserve the culture and heritage of mountain cheeses…

  • Where: Courtyard of Scuole Maschili (Via Marconi, Bra)
  • When: Every day at 12, 3 and 5 pm

For more information, please write to:

21 events found

CHCN03 Shades of Yellow: Milks, Prices and Hay 09/18/2015 2 pm Details
CHCN04 Cheese and Soil 09/18/2015 3 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN05 Milk: Yay or Nay? 09/18/2015 4 pm Details
CHCN01 TTIP: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Our Daily Food 09/18/2015 5 pm Details
CHCN23 André Valadier and Laguiole cheese: a conversation with a key player in the French cheese scene. 09/18/2015 7 pm Details
CHCN07 What Kind of Agreements Can Help the Future of Pastures? 09/19/2015 10 am Details
CHCN08 Mountain Aperitivo: Excellence and Fair Trade 09/19/2015 12 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN09 Goodbye to Milk Quotas! But What are the Prospects for the Future? 09/19/2015 2 pm Details
CHCN10 Starter's Orders! 09/19/2015 3 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN11 Animals and the Alps: Is Freedom the Most Effective Criterion for Judging Animal Welfare? 09/19/2015 4 pm Details
CHCN12 Cheeses from the Americas: Raw Milk Productions in Argentina and Brazil 09/19/2015 5 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN02 The Giants of Milk 09/20/2015 10 am Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN13 Mountain Aperitivo: from the Alps to Iceland, new Presidia in Europe 09/20/2015 12 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN14 Mountain Stories: Products and Projects for Relaunching Higher Lands 09/20/2015 2 pm Details
CHCN15 Goodbye Sheep 09/20/2015 3 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN16 Quesos? Two Hundred Ways to Say Cheese in Spain 09/20/2015 4 pm Details
CHCN17 At Five in the Evening… 09/20/2015 5 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN06 What do we mean when we say animal welfare? The case of cattle farms. 09/21/2015 9 am Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN18 Mountain Aperitivo: in Spain to discover cheeses and heritage breeds of goats 09/21/2015 12 pm Fondazione Slow Food Details
CHCN19 Migrants in the Dairy Industry 09/21/2015 2 pm Details
CHCN22 Small-Scale Cheese Production and Europe 09/21/2015 3 pm Details

21 events found