In this edition, we also want to give you a treat in collaboration with the Academic Tables at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, and Albergo dell’Agenzia in Pollenzo.

Here’s who’s inviting you to dinner at Cheese 2015:

Locanda delle Tre Chiavi from Trentino, Amerigo dal 1934 from Emilia Romagna, and Dispensa Pane e Vini from Lombardy: we kick things off with a trio of historic restaurants, great friends of Slow Food that have always shown off the best of Italy. They are holding a dinner consisting of typical dishes from their regions, featuring the best of the Slow Food Presidia, as chosen by the chefs, and washed down with Franciacorta sparkling wine.

Next we celebrate Spain, a guest country at Cheese 2015, with a dinner devised by Fran Heras, chef-patron of LLamber, a quirky little restaurant in central Barcelona renowned for its selection of Asturian cheeses. They are worth a trip to the Catalan capital alone. Or a trip to Cheese!

Next is Giorgio Ravelli, the restless and eccentric 31-year-old with a penchant for cheese (true to his Italian-Swiss heritage). In his tireless journey around kitchens across half of Europe, he has worked in places such as the Ten Bells, the historic gastropub in London’s East End, the area where Jack the Ripper plied his trade, and whose victims (it is said) frequented the pub. Interested? You should be!

We bring things to a close with Paolo Griffa, born in 1992: before he became chef at Piccolo Lago in Verbania, he was part of the brigade at Davide Scabin’s for two years. With his latest achievement, winning the San Pellegrino Young Chef 2015, he has well and truly burst on to the international scene.

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Description Slow Food Member Non - Member
CHAP01 Three Historical Snail-Symbol Restaurants 'Allied' with the Albergo dell'Agenzia di Pollenzo 09/18/2015 8 pm € 50.00 € 60.00 Presìdi Italiani
CHAP02 Fran Heras: the Prince of Asturias 09/19/2015 8 pm € 60.00 € 70.00
CHAP03 A Swiss in East London 09/20/2015 8 pm € 50.00 € 60.00
CHAP04 Paolo Griffa: To Infinity and Beyond 09/21/2015 8 pm € 50.00 € 60.00

4 events found