Save a Cheese! The Ark of Taste at Cheese

Slow Food’s Ark of Taste travels the world collecting traditional foods at risk of disappearing. At Cheese 2013, the Ark will dock in Bra, in Piazza Valfré di Bonzo (formerly the poultry market) before setting sail again.

All over the world, traditional dairy products are disappearing, along with the knowledge, techniques, cultures and landscapes related to their production. The reasons are many: the abandonment of mountain pastures, overly restrictive regulations, long processing times, and a market in crisis.

But there’s still time to save what we have. Slow Food is gathering these endangered products aboard the Ark of Taste. The Ark travels the world collecting products belonging to cultures, histories and traditions from around the world that are inexorably disappearing – an extraordinary heritage of fruits, vegetables, breeds, cheeses, bread, sweets and meats that are rapidly being lost to an inundation of generic and industrialized products.

You too can save an endangered product! How? It’s simple!

Nominate a cheese at risk of extinction. Complete the online form and attach a photo* or…
…visit Bra, Italy for Cheese (September 20 – 23) with your nominated cheese in hand, and pass by the “Piazza dell’Arca,” in Piazza Valfrè di Bonzo: we will be happy to welcome you!
The cheese that you want to save will be exhibited as a candidate to become the next “passenger” aboard the Ark.
Everyone who brings a small sample of an endangered product to Cheese will receive a small gift!
To learn more, contact Alessandra Turco at, 0172/419766.

Save a Cheese on Facebook!

Tell us about the cheese you want to save!

Describe here a traditional dairy product that is disappearing and attach a photo. At Cheese, you could win a book from Slow Food Editore!

Tell us what makes the cheese you want to save special: for example, it could be the addition of a particular herb that grows only in your region, or a unique flavor developed from aging in a specific area, or even a characteristic connected to an unusual type of milk.

Attach a photo* of the product, the landscape it comes from, or its producer with your product nomination.

The photos will be published online at and your cheese could be added to the Ark of Taste!

For all those that nominate a cheese, there will be a chance to win: you could receive a book from Slow Food Editore (to be collected at the Slow Food stand at Cheese) or a voucher good for an item from the Slow Food Store online (for those not present at the event).

See you at Cheese! 

(*) Images submitted must be your own, and they may be used by Slow Food for educational and communications purposes.


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