Via Principi di Piemonte and Via Marconi, in the heart of Bra, will be taken over by the cheeses, breads, honeys and jams of over 60 Slow Food Presidia.

From the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees, from the Alps to Mount Ararat, the Presidia will take you on a journey of discovery through a unique cultural heritage: breeds selected over the centuries to adapt to harsh environments, high-mountain pastures and dairies, ancient knowledge and traditional cheesemaking techniques.

Here’s a taste of some the new Presidia at this year’s event: From Ethiopia, camel’s milk collected by Karrayu herders; from France, mountain cheeses from the Pyrenees; from Italy, Caciocavallo Palermitano made with milk from Cinisara cows (an ancient breed that once lived in the rocky mountains behind Palermo), raw-milk butter from the mountain pastures of the Upper Elvo made in the province of Biella and cheese from the Alpine dairies of Trentino’s Lagorai mountains.

The Presidia are Slow Food projects which save artisanal foods (breads, cured meats, cheeses, etc.), livestock breeds, plant varieties and traditional farming, fishing and food-production techniques at risk of extinction. They involve communities of small-scale producers (farmers, growers, herders, fishers), preserve ancient knowledge, promote sustainable practices and add value to the local area.

There is another reason to visit the Presidia. At Cheese this year, many of them will feature the new narrative label, a food-labeling system designed by Slow Food to provide more information about the producers, the breeds used to make the cheese, production techniques, place of origin and animal welfare.

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity works around the world. Its main projects are the Presidia, A Thousand Gardens in Africa, the Earth Markets and the Ark of Taste.

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Black Sicilian Bee Presidium

If it hadn't been for the sharp eye of one Sicilian beekeeper, this little black beauty risked vanishing for good

PA, Sicilia


Via Principi di Piemonte - P07

Bagolino Bagoss Presidium

This classic Brescia cheese, born in copper vats over wood fires, can live to a ripe old age

Via Parrocchia 34, 25072, Bagolino BS, Lombardia

tel: 0365 904020

Via Marconi - P54

Ceglie Biscuit Presidium

The flavors of the Brindisi countryside - almonds, citrus fruits, cherries, grapes - all in one biscuit

via pisanelli 14, ceglie messapica BR, Puglia

tel: 0831383050 |

Via Principi di Piemonte - P14

Ciminà Caciocavallo

Elongated with two "heads", Ciminà's Caciocavallo is like no other

, , Ciminà RC, Calabria

tel: |

Via Principi di Piemonte - P17

Castel del Monte Canestrato Presidium

Transhumance, drove roads, customs duties - more than a cheese, Canestrato di Castel del Monte is a history lesson

Via San Donato, 56, 67023, Castel del Monte AQ, Abruzzo


Via Principi di Piemonte - P18

Coazze Cevrin Presidium

A rare goat's milk cheese that's struggling to survive

Borgata Fornello 38, 10094, Giaveno TO, Piemonte


Via Marconi - P53

Tcherni Vit Green Cheese Presidium

The miracle of Tcherni Vit, one of the world's few naturally marbled cheeses


Via Principi di Piemonte - P25

Emmentaler Presidium

Emmentaler, great in size and great in taste. Skill's answer to standardization

Bahnhofstn 5, CH-5600, Lenzburg

tel: +41 716884248 |

Aurina Valley Graukäse Presidium

A low-low-fat "pre-tech" cheese made with milk left over from butter-making

Via Moser, 4, 39030, Valle Aurina BZ, Trentino Alto Adige

tel: 340 6820603 |

Via Marconi - P38

Tuma Macagn Presidium

A raw milk cow's cheese made twice a day in the mountains after each milking

Via Maffei, 6, 13836, Cossato BI, Piemonte

tel: 340 2383026 |

Via Marconi - P47