Once again this year we have come up with some special events to be held in the beautiful setting of the Agenzia di Pollenzo, the historic royal estate of the House of Savoy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and now home to the Albergo dell’Agenzia, the Banca del Vino and the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

Everything kicks off on Thursday September 19 with a preview party for Cheese 2013. The opening evening will feature dishes prepared by the Albergo dell’Agenzia and the young chefs from the “Tavole Accademiche” project of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, pizzas from Renato Bosco’s Saporé pizzeria (San Martino Buon Albergo Verona) and a selection of wines from the Banca del Vino. A Balkan-Mediterranean soundtrack will be provided by the Kachupa Folk Band.

During Cheese, four Taste Workshops will be hosted in the Banca del Vino and the Cascina Albertina of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, and two Dinner Dates will also be held in Pollenzo. The Tavole Accademiche of the University of Gastronomic Sciences will be cooking on Friday evening, and on Saturday dinner will be prepared by the chefs from the Alliance project linking chefs and Slow Food Presidia in the Albergo dell’Agenzia.

The Banca del Vino will be open to visitors from 10 am to 8 pm, offering guided tours throughout the day and a three-stage tasting leading from the north to the south of Italy, with some of the country’s most representative wines and cheeses.

Thursday September 19

Cheese Preview
From 7 pm, Albergo dell’Agenzia – Pollenzo

Friday September 20

Taste Workshop: Valtellina Vertical
3 pm, Banca del Vino – Pollenzo

Dinner Date: Dinner with the Tavole Accademiche
8 pm, Tavole Accademiche, UNISG – Pollenzo

Saturday September 21

Taste Workshop: Fattorie Fiandino, Making Butter Since 1889
1 pm, Banca del Vino – Pollenzo

Taste Workshop: Of Vines, Cows and the Moon
3 pm, Aula Miroglio, UNISG – Pollenzo

Dinner Date: Flavors of the World From the Alliance of Chefs and Slow Food Presidia
8.30 pm, Albergo dell’Agenzia– Pollenzo

Sunday September 22

Taste Workshop: Youthful Agriculture From the Po to the Oltrepò
4 pm, Banca del Vino – Pollenzo